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Meet Our Faculty

Each month the ICCOC will feature six faculty who teach for one of the consortium colleges.  These faculty have been chosen by the Deans or Directors of Distance Learning at the colleges and have shown genuine concern in student success and quality online education.

 Dr. Leslie Goss Erickson

Dr. Lori Henderson

Dr. Robert Klepper

Online Classes:
    Introduction to Psychology
    Developmental Psychology
Online Classes:
College Chemistry I with lab
College Chemistry II with lab
General Chemistry I with lab
General Chemistry II with lab
Microbiology with lab
Introduction to Physical Science
Online Classes:
       Intro to Literature
I am a psychology instructor at Southeastern Community College in West Burlington, Iowa. I have been teaching online since 2005 and since that time have taught numerous sections of Introduction to Psychology and Developmental Psychology for SCC and the ICCOC.
I started my teaching career at Murray State University where I was a psychology instructor from 2002 to 2005. In 2005, I moved back to Iowa (I am originally from Burlington, Iowa) and began teaching at SCC. Prior to teaching, I worked as a Mental Health Associate for Adapt of Illinois and as a Case Manager for Alternatives for the Older Adult in Illinois. I also taught part-time at Spoon River College in Macomb, Illinois while working on my Master’s Degree. Throughout my career, I have published various research articles examining identity and personality change in late life and also authored the Cliffs AP Psychology test review book published by Wiley Publishing in 2005.
As for my educational background, I received an Associates of Science degree from Southeastern Community College (where I currently teach) in 1991, a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Western Illinois University in 1993, a Master’s Degree in Psychology from Western Illinois University in 1998, and a PhD in Psychology from Southern Illinois University-Carbondale in 2002.
My life outside of work is busy with family, friends, and extracurricular activities. I have an 8-year-old son who is a joy to watch grow and develop. He keeps me quite busy with all of his energy and activities. I also have two cats and a miniature dachshund at home. We love to be outdoors. My son and I are currently in the midst of traveling Iowa and Illinois in our free time in an attempt to visit all of the state parks and other cool hiking places. Just this past summer we visited the Great Smokey Mountain National Park and managed to see two bears within 15 minutes of each other! Our latest endeavor is canoeing and we hope to purchase canoes or kayaks in the near future so we can do it more often!
Teaching has been a big part of my life for many years. With more than 20 years teaching experience, I have taught a variety of writing and literature courses including developmental writing courses, composition, business writing, creative writing, introduction to literature, contemporary literature, American literature, introduction to theatre, and children’s literature.
This various experience came first from teaching while I went to graduate school and continued when I began teaching full time at WITCC in the fall of 2000 and for ICCOC in spring of 2001. I earned my B.A. in English and M.A. in Creative Writing from the University of South Dakota before I began at WITCC, and I earned my Ph.D. in English at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln while teaching full time.
Scholarship and research are very important to me as I continue to research, write, and present on various topics. I feel intellectual pursuits not only develop me as an individual scholar, but also enhance my effectiveness in the classroom. Some of my areas of interest include exploring individual growth and development using mythological archetypes and patterns, and much of my scholarship examines those motifs in literature, film, and popular culture.
Film is an area of literature I am very interested in recently. I have recently begun writing regular film reviews for an online publication, Siouxcitynow.com, and my reviews are broadcast weekly on Siouxland Public Media stations KWIT/KOJI in western Iowa. I believe film is the most widely experienced form of literature in contemporary culture, and its importance as that is sometimes underrated in academia. I try to bring an element of literary analysis to my reviews to broaden moviegoers understanding and enjoyment of the genre.
Academically, I have recently been hired as a Reading/Writing Specialist at our college and have been highly involved with redesigning our developmental English courses. Our restructured courses integrate reading and writing with critical thinking. By addressing the entire student, not just focusing on her or his needs in a specific area of English, we are encouraging students to become independent thinkers. The integration of this ability, along with building fundamental skills of reading and writing, excites and encourages students in a way strictly competency-based learning cannot.
Clearly the desire for learning and ability to make connections, along with finding new areas of interest and scholarship is not only something I enjoy, but also something I work to instill in all of my students. One of my primary goals as an educator is to inspire students to want to learn and help them to see the potential they hold as thinkers and individual citizens of the planet. Although I find it important to instill an understanding of and joy in reading and studying literature, inspiring and helping students to reach for their greatest potential may be the most important job I have as an educator. I believe, as Abraham Maslow once said, that “if you set out to be less than you are capable of being, I warn you, you will be deeply unhappy for the rest of your life.”
I have been teaching online since the beginning, having had the opportunity to be one of the original 11 instructors from way back, before it was even called the ICCOC. I am a real dyed-in-the-wool Science Geek. I usually say I am a, “Science Geek with a Teaching Streak”. Since science is a hands-on adventure, I teach all of my classes with a hands-on component. Students purchase their own laboratory and set it up in their homes and perform the lab activities there.
I have truly had a wonderful career, not only in online teaching, but also in my face-to-face teaching. I love interacting with students especially when they finally understand a difficult concept. I have had the opportunity to travel to many local, state, and national meetings to present about teaching online and usually about teaching science online. I am presenting in Honolulu, HI in Dec, and one of my presentations is about online teaching, which I will also be presenting in Amelia Island, FL in Feb.
Prior to  teaching I worked  for about 12 years as Director of Research and Development for a genetic engineering company. We were doing genetic engineering before it was even cool.
I graduated from Iowa Lakes Community College with a degree in Environmental Sciences. I then attended Buena Vista University where I received Bachelor degrees in both Biology and Chemistry. I then attended Iowa State University and received a Master of Science degree in Plant Physiology, I received my Doctor of Philosophy degree from Columbia Pacific University. My dissertation was titled, “Qualitative Characterization of the Plant Growth Regulatory Properties of a Commercial Plant Biostimulant.”
I love to travel and have being doing a lot more if that these days. I have played guitar, banjo, and harmonica since I was six. I also started doing science with my Dad when I was six, so that was really a magical year for me. I love animals and have a little Scotty named Colonel Tuffy and a Bichon Frise named Cooper Bear.

Kay Rooff-Steffen

Gina Long

Online Classes:
  Introduction to Film
  Living with Space
     Time & Technology
  Professional Communication
Online Classes:
    Introduction to Computers
    Computer Literacy
Kay Rooff-Steffen has an MA from the University of Iowa (professional communication and journalism) and a BA from the University of Northern Iowa (Spanish). She has taught at Eastern Iowa Community Colleges since 1988 and was department chair of humanities and communication for 26 years.
Kay is a published journalist, poet, essayist and has written chapters for textbooks and has been a public speaker since the age of 13—(speaking to city officials and business executives regarding Junior Achievement and other issues related to teens in Waterloo).
Before starting her teaching career, Kay was a newspaper editor (winning several state press association awards), communication consultant, university news writer for U of Iowa and UNI and a fitness instructor/yoga teacher for many years.
She has written several courses for on-campus and online delivery, including: Introduction to Film, Professional Communication, Changes and Choices, Living with Space, Time & Technology, Latin American Culture & Values and Nonwestern Culture & Values.
When she can, Kay teaches beginning and intermediate Spanish for continuing education, especially profession-specific Spanish conversation for teachers, business & industry staff, medical staff and others.
Kay recognizes the unique needs of students online and tries to enhance their learning experience by being thorough in grading assignments, using a variety of methods and media in content presentation and being prompt in evaluating their work so they can improve on the next assignment.
In her words, “If my students put in the energy and time to get their work completed and submitted, they deserve the same commitment of energy and expediency from me in evaluating each assignment fully and promptly. They often don’t believe I read every single sentence they write or listen to everything on their videos, but once they see my comments, they know what they have done matters.”
In her free time, Kay reads, writes, plays music, watches movies, gardens, works out and enjoys her miniature Australian shepherd Boots.

I am a computer and graphic design instructor at Southwestern Community College. I teach many different courses relating to Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Cloud. I have been teaching for 24 years from junior high students through college students, face to face classes and online classes. I enjoy assisting students to further their technology skills for education as well as for their career after college.
I earned my undergraduate degree in Business Education from Northwest Missouri State University and followed with my master’s degree focusing on Instructional Technology from Viterbo University. While at Southwestern Community College, I have been heavily involved with our campus-wide assessment process.
My family resides on a farm in southwest Iowa where we are dedicated to raising our three kids with a great farm work ethic. We are all heavily involved in the cattle industry which provides great family memories as our kids exhibit cattle and lambs all across the nation. When we are not gone to livestock shows, I enjoy flower gardening, landscaping and fishing trips to Canada.

Roy Kilgore

Online Classes:
  Math for Liberal Arts
  College Algebra
My name is Roy Kilgore. Please address me as Roy.  I am a retired United States Air Force officer and fighter pilot. I also worked for Boeing Helicopter Company for more than 12 years.
Along the way, I have taught arithmetic, algebra, calculus, probability, statistics, and differential equations, as well as several different computer applications courses, in both two and four year accredited institutions. I have also taught both civilian and military flight training courses.
I hold a Bachelor of Science degree from the United States Air Force Academy and a Master of Science degree from the Air Force Institute of Technology. I am also a graduate of three different professional military education courses and several flying training courses. As you may infer, I have been either a student or an instructor in some capacity or other most of my life.
My wife and I have been married for almost five decades now. We have two children (a PhD and an architect) and three grandchildren.

ICCOC - NGLC Grantee

The ICCOC uses Learner Analytics to enhance student success as measured by completion and content mastery outcomes.
The colleges of the ICCOC have taken seriously the challenges of improving course completion in the online environment. Through the years we have gathered any and all data available to us, asked for more data, and tried to find ways to easily disseminate that data to the key decision makers.
It has influenced the way that we advise students, the way we teach students and the communication strategies that are used regularly by the ICCOC colleges.
Click here to read more about the ICCOC's NGLC Grant project.