About the ICCOC

In December of 1999, seven of Iowa’s community colleges formed a partnership and organized the Iowa Community College Online Consortium (ICCOC). Representatives from each partner college participated in a comprehensive planning process to design and implement the Consortium’s technical infrastructure as well as establish objectives, policies and procedures.

The objectives of the ICCOC are to establish resources, train instructors, establish standards of quality, coordinate student services support, communication and implement an informational website. The ICCOC  successfully completes these objectives through the commitment of all Consortium partners to provide quality online educational opportunities to students.

The ICCOC continues to assist our partner Consortium colleges deliver quality online education to students all over the world. 
The mission of the Iowa Community College Online Consortium is to offer quality educational opportunities to online students supported by a comprehensive set of student support services.

The Consortium’s objectives focus on supporting each partner college’s mission.

The ICCOC combines the expertise and resources of each Consortium member to provide all ICCOC students with innovative lifelong online learning opportunities.
Guiding Principles
  • Incorporate institutional missions of all Consortium partners
  • Combine existing resources, which include faculty, services, staff and information technology at all member colleges
  • Ensure academic rigor and quality in all courses and the overall program
  • Provide staffing to accommodate the needs of students, instructors, staff and the ICCOC, in general
  • Provide standards and accountability for the development and delivery of online courses, as well as, student assessment
  • Provide processes and mechanisms for evaluating all aspects of the program (i.e. program, technology, student services, instructors)
  • Administer informational website that delivers student services information to online students, serves as a faculty training resource and provides current and accurate information to all users