Eastern Iowa Community Colleges 
    Clinton Community College
Bookstore Manager:  Josie Gillis
Website:   www.clintoncommunitycollegebookstore.com
Phone:  800-637-0559 (Toll Free Only within 563 area code)
or 563-244-7111 or 563-244-7034
Fax:  563-244-7153 
Email:  sm8035bncollege.com
    Muscatine Community College
Bookstore Manager: Tyler Denton
Web site:   www.muscatinecommunitycollegebookstore.com
Phone: 800-351-4669 (Toll Free  Only within 563 area code) 
or 563-288-6110
Email:  sm8036@bncollege.com
    Scott Community College
Bookstore Manager:  Rebecca Rice
Web Sites:  www.scottcommunitycollegebookstore.com
Phone:  563-441-4111
Email:  rrice@bncollege.com

Iowa Lakes Community College
Bookstore Manager: Doug Sutton
Phone: 800-242-5108 Ext. 5282
Emmetsburg Campus:   800-242-5108 ext. 5251 or 712-852-5251
Estherville Campus:      800-242-5106 ext. 8340 or 712-362-7936
Spencer Campus: 877-807-9585 ext. 8651 or 712-262-7141 ext. 8651
Email:   dsutton@iowalakes.edu

North Iowa Area Community College
Bookstore Manager: Rhonda Nesheim-Kauffman
Phone: 641-422-4500 or 888-466-4222 ext. 4500
Email:  niaccbookzone@niacc.edu

Consortium Bookstores

Each ICCOC College Bookstore stocks and sells all the textbooks for the online courses that its college offers.
Please contact your home college bookstore for all your textbook needs.
Textbook Information for restricted online courses is only available through your college.
Northwest Iowa Community College

Bookstore Manager:  Rod Borer
Bookstore Email: bookstore@nwicc.edu
Phone: 712-324-5061 or 800-352-4907 ext. 320
Email:  rborer@nwicc.edu 

Southeastern Community College
Bookstore Manager: Erin Roberts
Phone:  319-208-5171
Email:  eroberts@scciowa.edu
Bookstore Assistant Manager:  Joanne Otto

Phone:  319-208-5172
Email:  jotto@scciowa.edu

Southwestern Community College 
Bookstore Manager:  Jana Scott
Phone: 800-247-4023 ext. 430  or  641-782-1430
Email:  scott@swcciowa.edu

Western Iowa Tech Community College 
Bookstore Manager:  Lu Anne Ruba
Bookstore email: bookstore@witcc.edu
Phone: 800-352-4649 ext. 1498  or  712-274-6400
Email:  luanne.ruba@witcc.edu