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The ICCOC is committed to providing faculty with a wide range of training opportunities to ensure a smooth transition from Pearson Learning Studio to Canvas by Instructure.  

Below are a few training videos from Canvas that focus on the basic features and will you get started learning the new learning environment.  
Other training opportunities will be available and information on dates and locations will be posted here as they become available.

For faculty assistance from Canvas call:

Canvas Instructor Guide
Canvas - Syllabus
Learning Studio - Canvas Translation Guide
Quality Course Checklist
Canvas Instructure Training

Announcements Overview (2:55)

Assignments Overview (8:18)

Syllabus Overview (5:00)

Assignment Creation (6:58)

Canvas Interface Overview (6:23)

Communication Overview (9:07)

Course Layout: Customization

Modules: Creation & Management (5:41)

Course Settings: Part 1 (6:01)

Gradebook Overview (10:49)

Page: Creation & Management (6:16)

Files: Add Course Content (6:10)

SpeedGrader Overview (7:21)

Discussions Overview (7:53)

Discussion Creation (5:38)

Chat Overview (2:14)

Calendar Overview (5:29)