Canvas Migration FAQs

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Below are listed some Frequently Asked Questions about the ICCOC's migration to Canvas.  For more information, please use the links to the right. 

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What is an LMS?
An LMS is a Learning Management System.  The current LMS solution used by the ICCOC is Pearson LearningStudio (previously called eCollege).  This software provides a platform to deliver partially to fully online course offerings to each of the member institutions.
What will happen to my current classes?
Your current courses in Pearson eCollege will be migrated to the new Canvas environment. We are still testing this process but hope to have more information on timing and sequence very soon.
When will the new LMS start?
The ICCOC Staff and consortium college Distance Learning Deans and Directors have been working on the infrastructure and backend for registration purposes and will continue to learn more about the administrative side of Canvas.  The migration of courses will begin in the fall 2016 term.  Some courses will be piloted in the spring 2017 term and summer 2017 term.  The ICCOC will be completely migrated to the Canvas platform by Fall 2017.

How long will we have access to our old courses in Pearson?
Fortunately, we will have access to the courses in Pearson for quite some time due to an agreement we have with Pearson after we have migrated to Canvas.  We will need to determine which terms need to be kept available, but this should not be a problem for faculty.

If a student is dropped from a course for non-payment or other reason and is later reinstated, will their work and grades be restored?  

Yes, if a student is dropped in their home college course but later reinstated that same term, they should be able to have access to the work they submitted and still see their grade in the gradebook.