LMS Course Migration Plan

The ICCOC will migrate over all fully online, hybrid and eCompanion courses from the Pearson Learning Studio platform to Canvas by Instructure during the fall of 2016, spring 2017 and summer 2017.  Although it is the goal of the ICCOC to have all courses completely converted to Canvas by the beginning of the fall 2017 fall terms, access to courses and content in Learning Studio will still be available.  

Canvas does have a migration tool that will assist in moving content from Learning Studio to Canvas, but we feel this is an opportunity to focus on the quality of our courses as we rebuild them in Canvas.  Many training opportunities will be available throughout the year to assist faculty in the migration of their courses and enhancing their content to provide the best possible online learning experience for our students. 

While instructors are focusing on moving their content and rebuilding their courses, the ICCOC technical support team will be working on the integration between Canvas and the individual college Student Information Systems to ensure a solid enrollment and grade reporting process.  

Research around data and reporting solutions will continue with demonstrations and discussions with all consortium colleges.  The ICCOC has been very successful in using data to help students and improve retention and success rates.  It is important that we are able to continue this practice and will look at all available options.
Course Migration and Training Timeline
Summer 2016
  • Begin training for ICCOC Mentor Trainers, Distance Learning Deans/Directors.
  • Establish a training plan for all faculty.
  • Work with Canvas and NIACC to provide online training materials.

Fall 2016
  • Mentor Trainers and DLs will meet with faculty at home colleges to schedule training sessions and create Master Courses.

Spring 2017
  • Pilot - A small number of courses can be offered in the new Canvas environment to test the system. Faculty in the pilot will share their experiences with others as they prepare to teach in Canvas.
  • Continued training and course development.
  • ICCOC Spring Conference - Training and sharing of ideas and experiences in Canvas

Summer 2017
  • More online courses will be offered.
  • Additional training opportunities for faculty

Fall 2017
  • The migration of all courses from Pearson Learning Studio to Canvas will be complete and all enrollments will be processed via the enrollment interface. Single sign-on will be to Canvas.