Course Creation

Course Copy and Content Item Duping Instructions

Duping and Copying Content

COURSE SHELL:  An empty course placeholder that is created only by Marni or administrator at individual college prior to duping
DUPE:  When content is copied from an instructor's course into a course SHELL that is already in place
SHARED COURSES: Shared courses are fully online classes in which all consortium colleges can enroll students.  
  • Marni Kelso will create a empty course shell for all shared courses in upcoming shared terms before registration for that term begins so that enrollments may pass from each consortium colleges student information system to the Pearson system.
  • Instructors will then be enrolled into the course shells as the names of instructors are given to her by the college Distance Learning Deans/Directors. 
  • Once an instructor has access to the new course shell, they can then process the "Copy All Content" option. 
​**Note that if an instructor does not see a course shell that he/she feels should be available, they need to contact their home college Distance Learning Dean/Director.
RESTRICTED COURSES:  Restricted courses are fully online classes in which only students from one home college are enrolled.  Instructors are also hired by the same home college.
  • Each consortium colleges Distance Learning Dean/Director is responsible for settin up the course shells for all restricted course for their respective college and enrolling their instructors.
  • All duping assistance must also go through the home college DL
  • Students seldomly know the different between a shared and restricted course.
HYBRID COURSES:  Hybrid courses are a combination of online and face-to-face instruction.  
  • Each college's Distance Learning Dean/Director is responsible for setting up the course shells and enrolling the instructors for hybrid courses.
eCompanion: eCompanion shells are for supplemental materials for fully face-to-face courses.
  • Each college's Distance Learning Dean/Director is responsible for setting up the course shells and enrolling the instructors for eCompanion course shells.

Enhanced Course Scheduler

Enhanced Course Scheduler Guide
The Enhanced Course Scheduler is an extension to the existing Course Scheduler that can be accessed within a Pearson LearningStudio course via the Course Admin tool. The new functionality allows Instructors, Course Designers, and Administrators to make batch updates to the Course Scheduler and have that template apply to all copies of that course.
Enhanced Course Scheduler Tool Presentation
 The feature list includes:
  • Uses scheduling file to identify the day that an item will be accessible or due
  • Download course template to build scheduling file
  • Process scheduling files within the course or using the Administrative Pages utility to update multiple courses
  • Attach scheduling file to course to process each time it is copied into a new term
  • Identify days that should not be included in date calculations

Adding Content to a Syllabus

Adding Content to Units

Creating Managed Threads

Creating Effective Homepages

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Exams and Quizzes

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