Course Schedule

Please contact your college advisor about registering for online courses through one of our partner colleges to ensure the course of your choice fulfills your individual degree requirements.

Courses offered during a 12-Week, 8-Week or 4-Week Term are accelerated courses. These courses will cover the same amount of course material as a 16-week course at a faster pace.
To visit the ICCOC Partner Colleges' websites for more information about courses and programs being offered, click the links below:
Western Iowa Tech
Eastern Iowa
Iowa Lakes
Northwest Iowa

ICCOC Course Schedule

  • The ICCOC Course Schedule  provides a list of shared online courses offered each term throughout the ICCOC.
  • Some partner colleges do not offer every course. 
  • The ICCOC Course Schedule will show start and end dates for each ICCOC term.
  • Course titles within the ICCOC Course Schedule will contain symbols to indicate which courses require prerequisites, have proctored exams and contain special content or eBooks.  
    • P = course requires at least one proctored exam
    • Q = prerequisite may be required for the course (check with the college at which you will be enrolling)
    • MML = MyMathLab may be used with the course; textbook package from college bookstore will be required
    • MML+ = MyMathLab+; MyLab content and eBook may be embedded within the course
    • ML+ = MyLab+; MyLab content and eBook may be embedded within the course
    • CoCo = CourseConnect; course contains embedded content from CourseConnect
    • LL = Lumen Learning course

2017 - 2018 Academic Year





Fall 2017 - 16-Week Term 8/21/17 to 12/08/17
Winterim 2017/2018 Term 12/22/17 to 1/18/18
Spring 2018 - 16-Week Term  1/16/18 to 5/04/18
Summer - 1st 8-Week Term
5/29/18 to 7/23/18
Fall 2017 - 12-Week Term 9/18/17 to 12/08/17
Spring 2018 - 12-Week Term 2/12/18 to 5/04/18
Summer - 2nd 8-Week Term
6/11/18 to 8/05/18
Fall 2017 - 1st 8-Week Term 8/21/17 to 10/13/17
Spring 2018 - 1st 8-Week Term 1/16/18 to 3/09/18
Summer - 4-Week Term
7/09/18 to 8/05/18
Fall 2017 - 2nd 8-Week Term 10/16/17 to 12/08/17
Spring 2018 - 2nd 8-Week Term 1/16/18 to 3/09/18

Course Syllabi

Syllabi for all shared courses taught and offered by the ICCOC partner colleges during one of our terms will be located in the Canvas Public Course Index .  

These syllabi will not provide specific course due dates or textbook information; however, they will provide you will all other course information.

The list may not appear in alphabetical order; however, you can search by all or part of a course name or number.

The course number, course title and instructor name will be shown in the course title. 
Course Syllabi


All enrollments and changes in enrollment should be done through an academic advisor, Registrar's Office or online at your college.
For more information, go to Get Enrolled .