Faculty FAQs

ICCOC Frequently Asked Questions

How are student enrollments handled in my eCollege course?
ICCOC students are enrolled administratively.  Instructors do not have to worry about enrolling students into their course. 
When do students access my course shell?
Students can access an instructor's course at 12:01 a.m. the first day of class of an active semester. 
How long may a student access my eCollege course?
Students can access a course from the day an active class begins to two weeks after the end of the semester.
Is PearsoneCollege AU ADA Compliant?
Click here to access an eCollege Accessiblity Fact Sheet.
How and when can I access the student feedback survey after a term is over?
The student feedback survey is ready to view approximately two weeks after an active term is over.  
How long can faculty view their eCollege course?
Pearson eCollege courses are archived so faculty may view a past course anytime.  Faculty can view past courses by expanding the plus sign (+) under the past term the course was held.  The link to the course will become visible. A current term is automatically expanded and viewable by faculty the first of an active teaching semester.  Once the current term has ended, faculty has two weeks until their course will collapse and close. 
What kind of files can I upload into the system?
Click here to find the recent list of acceptable file extensions. 
What rules apply to copyright materials?
eCollege.com does not help in obtaining copyrights and permissions, and they are  not held liable for copyright infringements. eCollege advises that the online classroom is very similar to the traditional classroom and instructors should follow the same permission policies. The online classroom is a closed environment (meaning there is a limited and controlled number of users and it is password protected). We believe that the Fair Use for Educational Purposes doctrine applies. 
What are the system requirements for Pearson eCollege?
You will need to meet some minimum software and hardware requirements. To test that your computer meets the eCollege minimum requirements, click on the Browser Test link.