High School Students

Working with Your High School

High school students will more than likely be working with a High School Guidance Counselor or Principal to determine if college-level, online courses are the right choice.
A Guidance Counselor or Principal may also be the person doing most of the communication with the ICCOC partner college through which the student is enrolled; therefore, the Counselor, Principal or other high schoolstaff members should be made aware of any problems or issues immediately.

High School Student Advisors at Each Partner College

Each partner college has designated at least one person as its High School Student Advisor.  Most of the time, this person will be handling the admissions process, advising and enrollment process, including course adds/drops.  These advisors can also answer general questions related to online courses.   This person listed below should be the first point of contact for high school students; however, all ICCOC online students are welcome to communicate with any ICCOC or college staff member at any time. 
Eastern Iowa Community College
Clinton Community College
Joe Shovlain
Muscatine Community College
Anabella Calderon-Flores
Scott Community College
Haleigh Hoyt 

Molly Gleason (KEC)
Iowa Lakes Community College
Lisa Washington
800-242-5108 ext. 5257

Northwest Iowa Community College
Beth Frankenstein
800-352-4907 ext. 242
Southeastern Community College
Dana Chrisman

Southwestern Community College
Rachel Ramaeker
800-247-4023 ext. 307

Western Iowa Tech Community College
Lynn Konz
800-352-4649 ext. 1325

Email Information for High School Students

Be sure that your home college has the email address that you will be using for your online course.  
Eastern Iowa (EICC), North Iowa Area (NIACC), Northwest Iowa (NWCC), Southeastern (SECC) and Western Iowa Tech (WITCC) will automatically assign you a college email account and use this as your email address.
For instructions on how to access your home
college email account, contact the college help desk.
Please be aware that if you are using an email account at your high school or even a computer at your high school, you may experience problems receiving email or accessing course content due to your high school's internet and email firewalls and filters.
College Help Desk Contacts

Textbook Information

Students need to have their textbooks by the first day of class.  High school Guidance Counselors or Student Advisors will work with the college or the college bookstore to determine how and when high school students will receive their textbooks.
College Bookstore Contacts

Accessing Your Online Class

If you cannot access your online courses using your College Portal, please contact your home college's helpdesk for assistance.  
If you cannot access your online courses via the ICCOC Portal at www.iowacconline.com , you may use the "Forgot your password?" link to request a password reset link be emailed to you or contact the ICCOC Helpdesk for assistance at 800-970-8228.

Checklist for High School Students

Please find a brief list of things that you need to do prior to the start of class.
  • Check to ensure your computer meets the required technical requirements
  • Make sure that you received your confirmation email with your user ID and course enrollment
  • Know how to log in through your college portal or through the ICCOC portal at www.iowacconline.com
  • Understand the start and end dates for your online course; be aware of all dates and policies for dropping courses and course refunds
  • Check out the Strategies for Student Online Success Resource, if you are new to ICCOC Online courses
  • Received your textbook/course materials