ICCOC Grades

​​To submit midterm and final grades for the ICCOC, instructors must use the Grade Publish tool located in the Course Navigation in Canvas.

Instructors teaching shared online courses for the ICCOC must submit Midterm Grades for 16-week terms and Final Grades for all terms by the published due dates .  

Instructors teaching restricted online courses, eCompanions and hybrid courses must follow the grading requirements of the college for which they are teaching.  The college may require its instructors to follow the published processes and dates of the ICCOC.

Grading Instructions - Publishing, Incompletes & Grade Changes

The Grade Publish Tool is located on the Course Navigation in each of your courses located within Canvas.

A grading scheme must be enabled for your course.  For instructions on how to enable a grading scheme, please visit the Canvas Guides

Please Read -  Grading Instructions, featuring the Grade Publishing Tool, Incomplete Grade Process and Grade Changes, may be downloaded here .   (PDF File)

Grade Publishing Instructions Video

A short video tutorial about Incomplete Grades may be viewed here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AGPJDtWZzls&feature=youtu.be


  • Grades may be published multiple times each day.  At the end of the day, the most recent grade submission will be moved into the files that are available to the colleges.  ​
  • You must select either "Midterm" or "Final" grades before you can make changes and publish your grades.  Be sure that you have selected the correct option for the correct course and term.  This is critical.  Once final grades are published for a course, any midterm grades published will not be collected and reported to the colleges.

  • Instructors have the option to "Override" the grade showing in the Gradebook and the Grade Publish Tool.  The "Override" grade does not make any changes to your Gradebook; it only submits the selected override grade to the files sent to the colleges.  It is best practice to be sure that your Gradebook reflects the grades that you publish and send to the colleges.  Override grades will continually show in the Grade Publish Tool.  Special Override Grades for specific colleges:  Q = Fail in Pass/Fail Course - ILCC, NIACC, WIT;  U = Fail in Pass/Fail Course - SWCC.

  • Instructors may override the "Last Activity Date" (last login date for the course).  Colleges must know the last date that a student actually participated in a class.  If the "Last Submission Date" or "Last Activity Date" shown in the Grade Publish Tool do not accurately reflect when the student last participated, attended or completed work for the class, then please submit this date by overriding the "Last Activity Date."  Note:  The "Last Submission Date" may be later than the "Last Activity Date" if the student is receiving a grade for an assignment with a submission type of "No Submission," i.e. sent a document via email to the instructor.  The date the instructor graded the assignment is the date showing for the "Last Submission Date." 
            For Colleges:  Dates shown in the Ellucian file follow this priority protocol -- 1.) Override Date submitted by Instructor,                                        2.) Last Submission Date, 3.) Last Course Login Date, 4.) No Date.

  • Grades of "F" and Override Grades of "I," "U," and "Q" will be highlighted yellow in the Grade Publish Tool and require that a  "date" be entered into the Grade Publish Tool.  You will not be able to publish these highlighted grades until a date is entered.  If all students are selected and at least one student is highlighted yellow, then no grades will be published.  If you manually-enter a date and receive an error message, please use the Calendar Tool to select a date.

  • Once the due date for submitting grades for a term passes, instructors must use the Grade Change Form (below) to submit grades or grade changes.

  • If you have a student for whom you would like to submit an Incomplete Grade (and have not already submitted a letter grade), you will select an override grade of "I."  To publish the "I" grade, you must click on the "Last Activity Date" box and use the calendar tool to enter the future date of completionOnce the student has completed all work and the work has been graded, then a final letter grade must be submitted via the Grade Change Form which is available below.   ​​

Grade Change Form


​​In additon to your Director/Dean of Distance Learning, instructors may contact the following ICCOC Staff for assistance:

  • Grading Scheme, Gradebook Issues or assistance with the Grade Publish Tool:  Ann Jenkins, ajenkins@scciowa.edu 

  • Assistance with the Grade Publish tool, questions about the dates within the Grade Publish tool, Incompletes, Grade Changes or information about the grades/information submitted to the colleges:  Tracy Sleep, tsleep@scciowa.edu 

  • For questions about Incomplete Grade Sections within a course:  Marni Kelso, mkelso@scciowa.edu