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ICCOC Software

The ICCOC Partnership also provides licenses to various software that enhances the online learning experience and course development.  

Below are listed the software available to all ICCOC faculty and students.
Respondus Logo
Respondus is a software tool for creating and managing exams that can be published directly into the eCollege system. 
To obtain the software license key and instructions for downloading Respondus, ICCOC instructors should contact the Distance Learning Dean or Director at their college or Ann Jenkins. 

Respondus Resources

Converting an Online Exam to MS Word

Click here for instructions
Why Convert an Exam?
  • A student missed the online exam and the instructor prefers to deliver the makeup exam from a printed copy.
  • A visually impaired student wants a printed copy of the exam that uses a large font.
  • An instructor wants to do a post-exam review in the classroom and would like a printed copy of the exam and answer key.
  • An instructor suspects that someone other than the intended student completed an online exam. So the instructor has the student retake the exam using a printed copy.
Respondus Knowledgebase
Respondus offers a Knowledgebase page where you can go to access Frequently Asked Questions.    
Respondus Test Bank Network
Before an instructor asks their publishing representative about converting their textbook testbanks to the eCollege platform, an instructor should check the Respondus Test Bank Network. This network contains over 2,000 test banks for the leading textbooks in higher education. The test banks are in Respondus format and can be downloaded for free by instructors who adopt a participating textbook.
Download Publisher Test Banks  
The leading textbooks in higher education have test banks available in Respondus format. Learn how to request an download a test bank. If there is a publisher test bank that an instructor would like available in Respondus format, go to the following link to fill out a form:  Test Bank Suggestion

Retrieving an Exam Using Respondus 

(and publishing the exam back out to another course)

Instructors can contact the Mentor Trainer at their college if more help is needed with the retrieving of an exam from a course using Respondus. 
Respondus Quickstart Guide
Respondus User Manual
Importing Questions with Respondus
StudyMate Logo
StudyMate Class is also available to all ICCOC instructors. StudyMate allows instructors to create Flash-based activities and games using simple templates.  
 The Flash activities are usable with any web server or can be published directly to a Canvas course.  
StudyMate Class lets instructors create Flash-based activities and games using four simple templates. The Flash activities can be published directly in a course.

StudyMate will import items from MS Word files and publisher test banks, making it easy to create interactive activities from existing content. You don’t have to know Flash programming or HTML to use StudyMate Author. 

Five Ways to Utilize StudyMate

  1. A game can be embedded at the end of a Unit lecture that covers key words and concepts.  
  2. Before completing an assignment, students are required to complete a game that covers learning objectives or concepts targeted in the assignment.
  3. Games are perfect self-checks for students before taking an exam;  allows students to monitor their learning before being evaluated.
  4. After a threaded discussion that emphasized several learning outcomes in a Unit, include a game that summarizes what the students learned in the discussion.
Turnitin Logo
Turnitin is a plagiarism detection software tool is available to all ICCOC instructors with the goal of helping students learn about and prevent plagiarism in written work.
The Turnitin link resides under an instructor's course homepage button as a content item entitled, Turnitin.

Instructor's First Step Getting Started with Turnitin

Plagiarism Links

Student Aids

  • The Ultimate Plagiarism Resource - Detecting plagiarism and preventing it
  • - Can help educators understand what plagiarism means.
  • Preventing Plagiarism - Explains steps you can use to help students avoid plagiarizing.
  • Avoiding Plagiarism - Another resource that helps educators avoid students plagiarizing in class.
  • Turnitin Instructions for Students
  • Student Quickstart Guide
  • How to Submit a Paper
  • Demo
  • How to Enroll in a Class
Camtasia Logo
Camtasia is a program that allows you to video capture what you do on your computer in 'real time.'
You can also add narration to the video.  It generates a Flash file that can be uploaded into the course shell.
  • Create Engaging Screencasts (pdf)
  • Camtasia Studio 7 Online Help (pdf)
  • Overview of Camtasia 7 Interface (video)
  • Record Full Screen (video)
  • Applying SmartFocus to Zoom/Pan (video)
  • PowerPoint Add-in Toolbar (video)
  • PowerPoint Custom Production Settings (video)
  • Introduction to Sample Projects
  • SmartFocus (video)
  • Working with Audio on Timeline (video)
  • Share Your Video to YouTube (video)
  • Share to iPod or Phone (video)
Snagit helps you create and share high-quality screen captures for your inserting into your course, presentations, documents, or blogs.
  • Snagit 10 Learning Center Link  
  • Getting Started Guide
  • Introduction to New Users
  • Introduction for Existing Users
Snagit Logo
Caught somewhere without Snagit loaded on your laptop?    Download Jing for free!   Jing is a free TechSmith download.  Use Jing to capture anything you see on your computer screen
and share it an image or short movie.  
Jing Overview