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Difference in Canvas

  • Students can reply to announcements.
  • A quiz in Canvas can be a practice quiz, graded quiz, graded survey, ungraded survey.
  • EASY to extend test time for one student or add extra submission attempts.
  • Coming soon! Ability to schedule different opening times or days for individual students.

  • Ability to mark students as present, late, or absent
  • See student’s profile pictures
  • Arrange students in a seating plan
  • Can link to the gradebook
  • Can download attendance report
Course Info & Settings
  • Prerequisites Require students to complete a certain module before they can gain access to another module
  • Set requirements for what a student needs to do to complete a module. This includes students viewing something, contributing to a discussion, submitting an assignment, or scoring a certain grade.
  • Much more user-friendly compared to Pearson
  • Drag & drop to make changes
    Assignment due date changes made in your calendar are automatically updated everywhere else in the course.
  • View up to 10 classes at once with color-coded global calendar view
  • Use the Scheduler to student meetings
  • Copy calendar feed link into any app like Google Calendar, iCal, Outlook, etc.
  • Messages can be forwarded out to the email of your choice and can come back into Canvas from your email!!
  • Functions more like a Facebook wall than an email inbox
  • No subject lines
  • Receive notifications via social web services, text, etc.
  • Choose what content you want students to see when entering the course (Modules, Syllabus, Communication Stream, Assignment List, a page you create yourself)
  • View course analytics
  • View student progress for modules
  • Only has the normal and post first options; does not have the private user/team journal, fishbowl, or hot-seat.
  • Students can create new discussion topics
  • Can allow students to edit their posts
  • Students can’t easily add images to discussion threads.
  • Receive notifications via social web services, text, etc.

  • Assignments can be submitted online through text entry, file uploads, media recordings, Google Docs, URL’s, or Canvas pages

  • Dashboard for students/instructors with overall grades and statistics
  • Faculty can enter grades and comments directly from here, but if the assignment was turned into Canvas the best way to grade is using Speedgrader.
  • Students can figure hypothetical “what-if” grades.
  • Sort columns in one click by due date or assignment category
  • Student submissions are highlighted in red if the submission was turned in late.
  • Message students who haven’t submitted yet, scored less than or more than a specific grade on an assignment.
  • Learning Mastery Gradebook
  • Speedgrader tool displays submitted assignment, grading rubric, and media comment options all on one page.
  • Easy to click from student to student when grading an assignment.
  • Add comments directly to student’s assignments (Word, PDF, Excel, & PowerPoint) within Canvas. No need to download the assignment, add comments and re-upload.
  • Add audio or video comments directly to assignments from within Canvas. All you need is a microphone or webcam.

Course Home
Question Banks
Path Builder
  • Search the Canvas guides - these guides are actually useful!
  • Report a problem – where you report a problem in Canvas with your Institution and Canvas Support
  • Ask the Community – if you want you can ask the entire Canvas community a question
  • Request a feature – is there a feature you’d like to see in Canvas? Request it here!
  • No folder system; Lesson folders are now modules
  • Individual modules (like folders) can be called anything you want, example: Week 1, Chapter 1, Unit 1, etc.
  • No layering of content in Modules (no folders inside of folders)
  • Drag & drop individual content items and entire modules
  • Easily and quickly set prerequisites so students have to go through course content in a certain order.

  • Microphone/Audio (for instructor and students)
  • Webcam/Video
  • Desktop sharing
  • Upload documents (Word, PowerPoint, PDF) to share with students
  • Choose whether you’d like to invite all course members or specific students/individuals in the course
  • Ability to record conference session

  • Course Details
  • Set-up course navigation
  • Student view
  • Course Statistics
  • Copy Course
  • Import Content into this course
  • Export Course Content
  • Reset Course Content

Attendance Tool
Question Groups
Question Pool
  • These files are accessible to students via a tab/page unless you hide this tool or you lock files.

  • Question banks have to be added to each course you want to use the questions in.
  • No single repository for all your question banks.
  • If you change a question in your question bank it does not change in the quizzes that the question is being used in. You must update it everywhere.

  • Question banks have to be added to each course you want to use the questions in.
  • No single repository for all your question banks.
  • If you change a question in your question bank it does not change in the quizzes that the question is being used in. You must update it everywhere.

  • Ability to pick a certain number of questions from a Question Bank
  • Must use Question Groups to randomize the order of questions

Course Analytics
  • See the number of page views each day and if user took an action within the course that day
  • View the percent of students who turned each assignment in on time, late, or didn’t turn it in at all.
  • View the grade distribution for each assignment
  • Quickly view overall page views, participation, and assignments turned in on time or late for each individual student.
  • Click on the students name for additional details.
  • Course Statistics

Course Enrollment
Below are for individual students
  • Last time the student accessed the course
  • Total time the student has spent in the course
  • See interactions between student and instructor
  • Student Analytics
  • Grades
  • Access Report
  • Outcomes
  • ​View the progress of each student through the assignments for the course.

  • Ease of use – drag features to add columns
  • Can be used for grading or just feedback
  • Ability to free-form comments when assessing students
  • Can be linked to Assignments, Discussions, and Quizzes
  • Integrates seamlessly with Speedgrader for easy grading.

Learning Outcomes
  • Can be created for division, course, or individual instructor.
  • Add Outcome Criterion directly to a rubric, assignment, or quiz question.

Course/Author View
Enrolled in as a Student
  • Creates a “Test Student” that you can test the contents of the course.
  • You can reset the student view to try things as many times as needed.​​
  • Is no longer associated with extended times or different days for assessments
  • Used as a collaboration tool for students who are working on projects or group assignments.
  • A group workspace is created where students can create pages, announcements, collaborations, discussions, calendar events, and chat in real-time.
Chatrooms - Live
  • Ability to view chat history