LMS Selection Project

The ICCOC has selected Canvas by Instructure as its new Learning Management System. 

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As part of the ICCOC’s commitment to providing excellent service and products to its members we are currently conducting a Learning Management System (LMS) search and review. 
The purpose of this review:
  • Analyze the LMS marketspace
  • Determine the current and future needs of the ICCOC
  • Establish technical and financial requirements
  • Select an LMS provider who is best able to meet the needs of the Consortium. 

LMS Search Timeline

Throughout 2015 initial investigations into possible new LMS providers began and over the course of the year, a long listing of providers was generated and eventually paired down to six different companies.  These six companies were felt to have the best structure, technical expertise, products, financial stability, long-term plans, and proven track record of working with higher education institutions. 
        These companies were
  • Blackboard
  • Canvas
  • D2L
  • Loudcloud
  • Moodlerooms
  • Pearson LearningStudio
Summer of 2015 - January 2016
The six LMS providers held multiple demonstrations and meetings with ICCOC staff as well as Distance Learning Directors/Deans from all ICCOC member colleges.  Meetings focused on initial reviews of each provider’s solution, financial questions, and ability for the providers to technically connect seven different institutions, each with its own Student Information System (SIS), to enable real-time enrollment processing as well as real-time reporting back to each institution.
January 2016
The ICCOC Oversight Committee, comprised of member institutions’ CAO, Distance Learning Director/Dean, and ICCOC staff, reviewed all collected data.  Discussions were held regarding each LMS and after much consideration, it was determined that D2L Brightspace and Canvas Instructure offered solutions that would meet the needs of the ICCOC now and in the future and were selected at the final two candidates for the new ICCOC LMS Company.
February - April 2016 - 
Beginning in February, the ICCOC engaged faculty and staff at all consortium colleges to review both Canvas and D2L to find the one solution that they felt would work the best for the ICCOC.  Faculty were given the opportunity to "play" in their own sandbox course in each LMS or watch training videos provided by each company.  They were asked to perform specific tasks and complete a survey giving their opinions as to ease of use and preferred platform.  At the end of April, surveys were compiled and the results showed that 60.4% preferred Canvas and only 30.2% preferred D2L overall.  9.4% did not select a preference.

In addition to course evaluation, student services at each college were invited to participate in demonstrations and discussions on the reporting and data solutions provided by each company.  It was determined that while each company does provide student data in the LMS environment, Canvas will provide the ICCOC and the partner colleges with better access to data once the appropriate tools are put in place. Canvas views all data as belonging to the ICCOC and strives for open standards, interoperability and accessibility.  

A major factor in selecting a new LMS was the integration with the consortium colleges' Student Information Systems.  It is very important that our new LMS provide a cost-effective solution for transferring data to and from the LMS and the various SIS systems at each college. After many conversations with both companies, Canvas proved to offer the best solution to meet the needs of the ICCOC as a whole
May 20,2016
The ICCOC Oversight Committee meeting voted to recommend Canvas by Instructure to the partner college presidents as the new LMS for the ICCOC. 

June 8, 2016
The ICCOC partner colleges voted to accept the Oversight Committee's recommendation to make Canvas their new Learning Management System.

Summer 2016
Contract with Canvas as the ICCOC new LMS - begin training and migration plan