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eAnalytics - ICCOC Best Practices in Using Learner Analytics to Enhance Student Success

Welcome to the ICCOC eAnalytics webpage. This page contains record of the work that has been done by the colleges as recipients of the Next Generation Learning Challenges Grant. Aided by the financial resources of the Grant, the ICCOC colleges are working on implementing processes that will increase student completion and success rates in three college gatekeeper courses.
The ICCOC has used analytics to improve student outcomes for nearly a decade, but this grant is helping to automate systems and to close the communication loop between Student Services and Faculty. Much of the work done over this timeframe is easily scalable and could be useful for anyone working towards improving student completion and success rates.
Please read the report available through the link located at the top right of the page and check out the supporting documents. If you have more questions, the Grant Team will be glad to answer your questions.

ICCOC Grant Team

ICCOC  NGLC  eAnalytics  Report
Tracy Sleep
Student Services & Institutional Research Manager
Ann Jenkins
Instructional Designer & Training Specialist
Gretchen Bartelson
Dean of Extended Learning
Northwest Iowa Community College

Supporting Documentation

  A. NGLC Grant Executive Summary
  B. ICCOC Enrollment History
  C. Past Data for Gatekeeper Courses

  D.  NGLC Presentations at Conferences 

                        League for Innovations 2012  (11 a.m.)
                        League for Innovations 2012 (2:30 p.m.)
                        SUNY Learning Network Summit 2012
                        Pearson Cite 2012


  E. Title III Summary 2009
  F. At-Risk Student Definition
Sponsored by Pearson
Using the Information at Hand to Increase Student Retention
PowerPoint Presentation
Sponsored by the Arkansas Department of Higher Education
  G. Screenshots of Reports
  H. Case Study by Pearson eCollege
  I.  Success/Retention Rates
   J. Summary of Findings from Pearson eCollege
  K. Screenshots of Current Reports

Next Generation Learning Challenges
& Partner Websites

  L. Educause Quarterly Article
  M. Dashboard User's Guide
  N. Summary of Best Practices/Workflow