Pearson LS Updates

​Currently, the ICCOC contracts with Pearson Learning Studio as its Learning Management System to host all online, hybrid and eCompanion courses.  Pearson has recently announced that they will be getting out of the LMS market and will be shutting down over the next 2-3 years.  

Therefore, the ICCOC has done extensive research over the past year to find the right fit both technically and pedagogically and has chosen Canvas by Instructure as our new Learning Management System.

New Tools and Features

Pearson Learning Studio Help Button
Please be aware that instructors and students have a Help button located within their course to assist with learning management questions.
Besides explaining how to use each of the tools and features in the learning management system, the Help button also provides direction in course creation for instructors.
The Help button is context sensitive, meaning if you are in a certain area (ex: dropbox) of the course, and click the Help button, documentation for the dropbox appears.  
The Help button is located in the upper-right hand corner of the Course Tools in each webpage in the course.
Audio Video Feedback
Auto Zero  (Video)
Convert Numeric Score to Letter Grade
Pearson LearningStudio Gradebook: Convert Numeric Score to Final Letter Grade will automate the end-of-course final grade conversion of numeric scores to letter grades.
What can users do now, that they couldn't before?
For instructors, the end of a course/semester is a busy time and includes the task of providing students with their final letter grade for the course. Leading up to this release, this was a manual process where instructors would open the LearningStudio Gradebook, visually refer to their grading scale and manually enter a corresponding letter grade to convert numeric scores to a letter grades. This is a time consuming task, especially for instructors teaching multiple course sections, and includes a risk of human error or inconsistency often requiring additional time spent troubleshooting: mistakes and missed assignment scores. 
For more information click here.
Enhanced Course Schedule
Hide a Unit​
The instructor now has the ability to hide a unit from students. This indicator can be an asterisk or the word, HIDDEN, or a longer description depending on where it is shown in the system. The following is a list of enhancements and changes to the user experience.  For more information click here.
Make Items Gradeable at Creation
  • Multi-take Exams
  • Student View   (Video)
  • User Interface Updates
  • Autosave
  • Embedded Audio/Video
  • Hide Post
  • Number of Posts
  • Post First
  • Student Thread Updates  (coming soon)
  • Learning Studio Courses App for Android Tablets
  • Learning Studio Courses App Screens
  • Learning Studio Courses App for iPad
Course Messaging Tool (New Email Tool)
Due to instructor and administrator feedback from the actual use of the new Course Messaging tool during the 2014/15 Winterim Term, it was decided that the consortium will disable the tool for future semesters at this time, and go back to the previous email tool in Pearson Learning Studio.