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Technical Requirements
Computer Skills

Help Desk

The ICCOC/Pearson Help Desk is available 24 hours a day/7 days a week/356 days a year to assist you with technical issues that occur in your online course(s).  The help desk is available by calling 800-970-8228.  Students who are enrolled and can access their online courses may also use the chat function via the Tech Support tab located in their online courses.
For additional technical support information, visit Pearson's Technical Support website at  http://247support.custhelp.com/ .  
In order to access your online course and make the most of your online learning experience, you will need to have adequate access to a computer, the internet and have an active email account either through your college or a third-party service provider.

To find out if your computer or laptop meets the system requirements and to do an internet browser test, check out the links to the right.
Your ICCOC online course is located in the Canvas Learning Management System.  You log into this system through your college's portal or the ICCOC's portal.
When you enroll in an ICCOC online course, instructors will assume you have basic computer skills.  It is important that you know how to use your computer, the internet, email, word processors, spreadsheets and send attachments prior to starting your online course.
To learn how to navigate and use the tools in your online course before you begin your online course, please visit the Student Orientation Tutorial and/or Strategies for Student Online Success located under Special Courses - Students/Faculty on your personal student homepage.

Technical Requirements

Learning Management System

Computer Skills

Technology Tidbits

Downloading Adobe
You can use a Mac or Windows for online courses.
An instructor may choose to use third-party software or websites to enhance your learning experience. Please contact your instructor for assistance with these tools.
If you need assistance accessing your college email account or any other college system, contact your home college help desk .
Clearing Cache
Using the Dropbox
Saving Document in RTF
Viewing Comments in Gradebook


The primary form of communication for online courses is through email.  It is very important that you understand what email address your college and the ICCOC has for you. 

You will want to make sure that your email account stays active and does not become "full," if using a college email account.  If you are using a third-party website for email such as "hotmail," you will want to check that mail is not going into junkmail folders or spam filters.
Students' default email addresses for Eastern Iowa, Northwest Iowa, Southeastern and Western Iowa Tech students in the ICCOC System will be their college email addresses.  

iPad Users

Not all capabilities and functions are available on iPads compared to a Mac or PC.  For more information, visit Pearson's 247 Support page.  
If you are experiencing issues with accessing your online courses, please try adjusting your internet browser settings as indicated below:
Go to Settings App
Choose Safari
Accept Cookies
Select Always
Go into Cookies and Allow 3rd-Party Cookies